Pipeline construction equipment

High Efficiency HDPE Pipe Reducing Diameter Machine for Water Pipe Repaie Construction Equipment

SGT Pipe Reducing Machine is a special equipment for HDPE pipe lining to repair underground pipes.

   It is by reducing the diameter of the HDPE pipe to be lined into the old pipe, the line is compressed into a u-shaped shape and tied with tape to fix it, then it is pulled into the downpipe by the traction equipment, and then the technology of expanding pipe is used for restoration, finally forming the pipe in the pipe, achieving the purpose of repairing the pipe lining.

Power supplyAC/380V/220V,3-phase 4-wire
Motor power4.0kw
frequency changerdigital display
Outletmulti-functional socket
Way of reducingU type
ScopeTo shrink 30% to 35%
Suitable diameterPE pipe for Dia.800-1200mm
Suitable wall thicknessSDR=43
Suitable temperature5-30C
WeightAbout 4.55T