The main equipment used in the construction of isometric compression PE pipe lining method for the repair of old pipelines.

1  缩径机Reducing machine


Used to temporarily reduce the diameter of the HDPE tube.The designed reducing machine is composed of a multi-stage roller driven by a variable frequency speed regulating motor, which rolls the compression diameter by the roller.This design has the characteristics of low energy consumption, continuously variable speed, automatic speed coupling, simple and convenient operation, reliable operation and so on.The diameter of HDPE tube can be reduced by about 10% after passing through the reducing machine.


2  牵引装置Winch


The designed traction device is composed of winch, guide pulley, wire rope and traction head.Driven by diesel engines, the winch can automatically display and record traction force, traction speed and length, providing up to 400 KN of traction force.

2T electromagnetic winch.jpg  g3_9038899.jpg

3  热熔焊机Butt fusion welding machine 


The HDPE tube is connected by hot fusion welding technology.In order to form a continuous length of HDPE tube, it is necessary to carefully melt the butt and test the weld. The external weld pass should be smooth and free of cracks.The experiment shows that the strength of the molten weld is higher than that of the tube itself.

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4  复合法兰高温压制装置Compound flange high temperature pressing device


The device consists of heating system, hydraulic system and fixing system.The polyethylene liner can be heated to a certain temperature and then compressed on the end face of the main flange, forming a compound flange with a tight connection, and achieving effective connection between the adjacent two pipe segments.

5  管内自动摄像探测系统Internal automatic camera detection system


The system can climb over obstacles in the tube for more than 3 kilometers, and conduct three-dimensional photography of the condition of the tube through the remote control system, which can accurately detect the scaling, rust layer, interface, casting distillation, etc., which is particularly important for the repair of cast iron pipe and cement pipe.


6   管线物理清洗设备Pipe physical cleaning equipment


The high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment and the PIG physical cleaning dedistilling system of the long distance pipeline can effectively remove the dirt, rust layer, casting distillation and welding distillation inside the pipe, providing assurance for the success of interpenetration.