We are professional pressure vessel production line supplier,If you need the related equipment,please provide following information:the material and the size of workpiece.It would be better if you could provide drawings of the workpieces.Thanks.

The advantage of pressure vessel production line:

1) .Save manpower cost and time cost, reduced project time greatly;

2) .The operation is simple, and the mechanized operation is safer;

3) .Have very strong practical, and standardized process products more in line with international standards;

4) .Strong applicability, and through the customization can achieve the requirements of different specifications of the workpiece.

The entire pressure vessel production process:

1.The process of single tower barrel:

❶Storage area of raw materials→❷Numerical control cutting machine→❸Steel plate rolling-up machine→❹Single barrel assembling and welded area→❺Flange fit-up welding zone→❻Inspection of semi-manufactured products→❼Storage area of semi-manufactured products→❽Lengthened installed and welded workshop.


2.The process of multi-section tower barrel:

Preparation for the supplied materials of work area→❷Hydraulic fit-up system→❸Inner circular seam automatic welding→❹Outer circular seam automatic welding→❺Inspection of semi-manufactured products→❻Delivery of rotator→❼Sandblasting and painting zone.


3.The process of tower barrel sandblasting and painting zone:

❶Lengthened tower barrel→❷Travel rotator→❸Tower barrel sandblasting→❹Tower barrel painting→❺Storage yard of finished product