Pillow making machine

Automatic pillow product line

Automatic Pillow Production Line is a machine designed to automatically fill pillows or cushions.

—— The machine equipped the high tech and new weight setting devices, easy to set the weight for each pillow or cushion.

—— PLC automatic process and weight control.

—— The machine’s filling is sucking instead of the traditional blowing filling. The fresh opened fiber will be

     sucked to everywhere of pillow/cushion cases.

—— Low labor, high efficiency and easy to operate. Only 1 person needed to operate the system.

1. Automatic Pillow Production Line:  J-001-D



POWER:  14.25 Kw

Capacity:200 Pcs/H

Weight:1500 Kg

Operate: 1 persons.

Error range +-15g .

Suitable for polyester fiber 3~15D.



2. Automatic Pillow Production Line model: J-001-E


This production line is a machine designed to automatically fill pillows or other articles as cushions and others with fiber.
Composed of:
having the function of fibers accumulator fed automatically by photocell control.
-- Dosing and opening units
   Set of cylinders with variable speed dosing the fibers to the weighing system.
-- Weighing systems
Controlling the above cylinder feeding to get accurate pre-selected weight. Error range +-15g .
-- Filling units
The vacuum filling machine in which the empty pillow cover is placed closes hermetically, allowing an even distribution of the weighed opened fibers into the pillow covers through a high pressure turbine.
-- Vacuum high pressure turbine (Fan)
Allowing to suck and distribute the fibers into the pillow cover.
-- Electronic control panel.
Panel to control the parameters of the machine. 



ModelJ-001-E    Capacity:350~400 pcs/H     Error range +-15g (80% will be less than 10 grams).

Suitable for polyester fiber 3~15D.  Power:26.75

3. Ball Fiber Machine: J-11







Power: Ball Fiber Machine 8.25Kw ,

Blower 3.0Kw     

Capacity: 100 Kg/H  

Dimensions: 2000*1150*1050mm

 图片.png  图片.png


--  Mostly to make the siliconized fiber into the shape of ball fiber which appearance like pearl.

--  The size of the ball shape and the tension can be adjusted accordingly.


4. Fiber Opener J-10-E & Blower



  图片.png 图片.png




Model: J-10-E

Dimensions: 2700*1380*1220mm

Belt Withed: 1000mm

Fiber Sizes: 1.1D*32mm/64mm-15D*32mm/64mm

Power: 8.25Kw


Metal detection and processing system.

With a frequency converter.

Amount: one pc.


5. Fiber Collector




Packing volume: 10~15Kg (fiber)

Dimensions: 2000*1300*3700mm