Steel structure production line

Pressure Vessel Grinding and Polishing Machines

1.  Main technical parameters:
  1.1. Polishing Motor power:  4kw ;
     Belt size: 1880 × 50mm
     Buffing wheel size:300*50*32mm
  1.2. Dish rotaring table motor power: 1x0.75kw; Speed: 1-30rpm

Variable-frequency drive Tank turing roll motor power: 2x1.5kw

Speed: 1-50rpm, variable-frequency drive.
  1.3. Polishing efficiency: Head 4-6 (m²/h); tank 8-12 (m²/h), Two polishing head,efficiency doubled.
  1.4. Power: AC three-phase 380V, 50HZ; 

Input power 16-20kw
  1.5.The gas source:. 0.6 m³/ h ; 0.4 ~ 0 6Mpa;

  1.6.Processing noise: ≤75db(2 m measuring distance away from polishing head)
  1.7. Machine dimensions: length x width x height 6200x1500x3150mm(Foundation need build according to the drawing )

2. Technical information and installation:
  2.1 We provide structure diagram, electrical schematics (including wiring diagrams), spare parts lists, drawings for vulnerable parts.
  2.2 The complete equipment will be assembled and tested at our factory before delivery. Before packing and delivery to your works ,We hope the equipment will be operated by your specialist technicians who will ensure that the equipment operates in full accordance with its specification in our factory.If you need our assembly and commissioning in your site, these services may be the subject of additional quotes.
  2.3 After sign contracts, we send the drawing of basement of machine to your works in 3 days.