Hydraulic jacking system

Top to Bottom Construction Hydraulic Lifter

   Top to Bottom Construction Hydraulic Lifter

The system consists of power control system, hydraulic system and Level sensor monitoring system. Power control system includes one set general power work station, distribution cabinet and one Local electric cabinet. Level sensor system is   equipped on each pump station to monitor the level situation simultaneously and also is able to monitor the level precision during lifting. Hydraulic system consists of several sub-pump stations and lifters. Each pump is with to lifter.Each pump station I with one set local power cabinet and it is able to separately lift and adjust the precision of plate fitting-up. Surely the system can be operated to lift simultaneously.

Features and application


1.The equipment are mainly used for vertical tank top to bottom construction.

2.Also it can be used for mega work piece jacking or lifting.


1.The system consists of hydraulic pump station, cylinders, steel wire, and strokes. Easy to installation and operation;

2.The system utilizes PLC central control to handle lift. Each power pack is equipped with auxiliary balance device to guarantee the precision of simultaneously lifting.

3.Hydraulic lift pump station has subsidiary manual control and central control two operation models. The cylinder can be adjusted to lift separately or to lift with several others as one group, and multi groups can also be integrated to lift reach better precision and better welding effect.

4.All the cylinders are with safety valve. It can be automatically locked to avoid cylinder/ tank dropping even under situation of power off, high-pressure hose broken, burst.

5.The cylinder is with one high pressure hose to avoid oil leaking that usually happen by the traditional multiple hoses. Cylinder will return to initial condition by itself weight.

6. Module configuration, the jacking system quantity can be adjusted as per different size of tank and weight

7. High efficiency, each time lifting or falling down only needs around 15 minutes.

8. Can well cooperate with our tank welding machines, which can greatly reduce the manpower cost and reduce the construction time; Usually one Horizontal seam welding machine can match 6-10 skilled welder. Vertical seam welding machine can match around 20-30 people skilled welder and butt/fillet welding tractor can match 6-15 skilled welder.



YT type


YT -C type