Tank welding machine

HK-100S Flexible Rails Track Pipe Tank Welding Tractor with Oscillate Torch Holder

HK-100S Flexible Rails Track Pipe Tank Welding Tractor with Oscillate Torch Holder

I. Product Description
HK-100S tractor is automatic device. It can get wider welding seam after a time welding. It is very suitable for arc welding, the diameter of which is more than 750MM.You can adjust swing speed, swing angle, off-set position of centre and stopping time of left and right. It is suitable for various beads. The biggest speed is 1250mm/min in weldless station. 

Automatic CO2 welding trolley is widely used in ships, Bridges, locomotives, steel structures, petrochemical and other industries. Suitable for welding of various welding structures, such as stiffeners, ribs, cross sections, box beams, etc. Its main advantages include:

1, Reduce labor intensity and improve working environment ;

2, Improve working efficiency, 1.5 times of manual welding;

3, Avoid the poor welding quality caused by human factors, the general manual operation of the defective rate in about 20%, and the use of automatic welding trolley did not produce welding defective rate, so its comprehensive benefits, than the manual welding increased by nearly 200%;

4, High degree of automation to ensure the stability of welding quality;

5, Unskilled workers can pick it up quickly.

II.Technical Parameter

1Weight8.4Kg(including wig-wag)
3Power supplyDC 24V
4Swing motorDC 24V
5DrivingDriving of chain gear
6Walking speed50~1250mm/min
7Range of blowtorchUp and down40mm
Left and right120mm
Job angle adjusting range±60°
Running angle adjusting range10°
8FunctionsWalking directionFore and after
Swing speed0~100
Left-stop time and right-stop time0~2.5 s
Swing angle±15°
Off-set distance0~±8°
Welding Parameter
Welding wire diameterΦ1.2mmΦ1.4mmΦ1.6mm
Current(A)Down hand welding120-300150-380180-430
Flush fillet welding120-280150-320180-380
Horizontal welding120-280150-300180-330


300A under  U=0.041+16±1.50

above 300A   U=0.041+20±2.0

Distance between nozzle and workpiece(H)

Below 200A: H=10~15mm 

200~350A H=15~20mm

350~500A H=20~25mm

Welding extension length(L)The length is about 10 times welding wire diameter. It is L=10d

III. Main Features

1), This welding trolley is an automatic device, and a wide weld can be obtained by one welding.Especially suitable for welding of arc material (pipe) with radius greater than 900mm.

2), Swing speed, swing Angle, center shift position, and left and right residence time can be adjusted, suitable for different specifications of welding pass. The maximum walking speed of the trolley is 1250mm./min in the state of non-welding.

Ø  Note: The self-protection loop switch of the welding machine must be closed OFF when setting and welding, because the welding trolley gas-shielded welder is a constant communication number and the welding inevitably leaves residual ends. If set to ON, the welding trolley will stop moving, but the arc will not be extinguished.

3), The magnet is all on/off control, which is convenient for cleaning iron garbage and moving trolley. The track is controlled to avoid the trolley from the welding line.

4), Arc device is provided, and the arc collecting time adjustment range is 0-7s.

5), The trolley is equipped with an induction stop switch. The trolley can stop automatically after welding, which is convenient for one worker to operate multiple devices at the same time.

6), The installation and disassembly of trolley and track are controlled by special device, which is very convenient to operate

7), Small size, light weight, easy to move and install, unskilled workers can also carry out welding.

IV.Packing List

The contents of the standard package are shown below. Check them carefully before assembling the machine.
1Complete machine1set
2The straight rail(1.8 m) 1set
3Standard power wire (16M)1set
5Hex wrench1pc
6Operating manual , Certificate of qualification1pc each

V. Product Component
DC 24V Hot Air Flexible Rails Track Welding Machine Hot CO2 Welder

HK-100S is made up of body, control case, X-Y slide blocks, blowtorch holder, guide wheel and straight track.

1, Body: It is the driving device, which includes motor, planet reducing box, driving gear and track wheel.

2, Control casing: To control the movement of carriage. Please refer to control panel manual.

3, Cross device: You can use it in the process of straight welding (such as container case) to adjust the position of torch in case of moving track.

4, X-Y trimming slide blocks: It is convenient to adjust the blowtorch up and down or left and right.

5, Swing device: To execute various welding model.

6, Holder of blowtorch: It can hold the blowtorch and adjust the angle of blowtorch easily. Notice: Must not hold the conductive section, which may lead to short out or electric shock.

7, Plug seat of source: It is the plug seat of external electric cable, which is connected with earth wire.This plug seat is in charge of connecting carriage to feeder and supply the power for system. (There are two branches on the end of cable, one of which is used to connect feeder; another is used to connect source.)

  • Hand knob:It is used to move this machine. Please hold it fully.

  • On-off hand knob and demount hand knob.

8, Steel belt track: It is equipped with permanent magnet to make the track absorb to works to meet different welding needs. It is very suitable for arc welding, the diameter of which is more than 750MM.

9, Magnet: Strong on-off magnet. If you want to move the track, please turn all magnetron switches "OFF".

10, Cable bracket: You can use it to carry cable to reduce the load of swing machine.

11, Blowtorch: User can choose straight blowtorch or bend blowtorch. 

VI. Construction Photo
DC 24V Hot Air Flexible Rails Track Welding Machine Hot CO2 WelderDC 24V Hot Air Flexible Rails Track Welding Machine Hot CO2 Welder

VII. Company Profile

  Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd (WINCOO) is engaged in bringing the most suitable solutions/equipment for client, fabricators, EPC/C companies on pipe fabrication, tank construction, pipeline construction,industrial production lines, clean energy project and other industrial field.
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What we can bring to you?

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5, We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.