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  In order to win the battle and fight against the new epidemic, international exchanges and cooperation are imperative.The first affiliated hospital of zhejiang university medical college treated 104 confirmed patients in the past 50 days.Medical workers wrote down the real treatment experience day and night, and quickly published the new crown pneumonia prevention and treatment manual, hoping to give some practical advice and reference to medical workers around the world.

This manual compares and analyzes the working experience of other teams in China during the preparation process, and provides a good reference for important departments such as hospital feeling, nursing, outpatient service, etc. It is a comprehensive guide and best practices for China's top medical scientists to deal with the new crown pneumonia.

  This manual focuses on how healthcare organizations can minimize costs while managing novel coronavirus outbreaks (COVID-19).In the process of compiling this manual, the work experience of other teams in China was compared and analyzed.

The main contents of this manual are:

1.Technical strategies to focus on major clinical problems in large-scale emergency situations,

2.Methods of critical disease treatment,

3.Provide the most effective clinical decision support,

4.For the hospital feeling, nursing, outpatient service and other important departments to provide good work reference,

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