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Singapore international industry fair


   Taking the needs of the asia-pacific region as the starting point, Industrial Transformation asia-pacific is a trade fair, conference, seminar, open meeting learning, exchange and business pairing, including the whole value chain of r&d, design, engineering, process, supply chain, operation, production, warehousing, internal logistics and distribution.Hannover messe world series premiered in Singapore from October 16-18, 2018.
   The inaugural Singapore industrial exposition focused from the advanced manufacturing industry, intelligent factory, intelligent supply chain management to research and development, the increase of material manufacturing technology, digital factory and a series of theme, fully display the intelligent production of advanced manufacturing industry and other industries, digital and industrial global practice and application of the 4.0, covering research and development, design, engineering, process, supply chain, operations, logistics and distribution within the production, storage, etc. The whole value chain.Industry leading enterprises, ABB BECKHOFF, SIMENS, YOKOGAWA, FESTO, EMERSON, BOSCH actively to join in the exhibition, exhibitors more than 200, 2018, more than 20 countries.The exhibition covers an area of 20,000 square meters.Attendance exceeded expectations, reaching 14,000.Chinese companies have also booked booths for 2019.

Market analysis:
Singapore is the developed world in Asia, the fourth largest financial center after New York, London and Hong Kong, and one of the important service and shipping centers in Asia.
Singapore is committed to using advanced manufacturing as a major driver of future economic growth to influence government policies, form investment in smart infrastructure, upgrade labor skills, finance and develop national r&d facilities through cutting-edge technologies.

Entrepot trade:
Singapore is one of the largest entrepot trading ports in the world. The advantaged geographical environment and free trade port policy make Singapore have close relations with countries and regions around the world.
By re-exporting products to Europe, America, Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions through Singapore, the influence of some economic and political factors can be avoided.

Strong support from the government and industry:
Government agencies including STB, EDB, IE, SPRING Singapore and A*STAR are supporting the event.

新加坡工业展Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC