Company Profiles

Company Profiles

    Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd (WINCOO) is engaged in bringing the most suitable solutions/equipments for client, fabricators, EPC/C companies on pipe fabrication, tank construction, pipeline construction, industrial production lines, clean energy project and other industrial field.

   We have ability of providing workable solutions to support clients to be awarded with shorter project execution time, fewer man-hour cost and higher efficiency construction/fabrication method and better quality during phase of project bidding.

   Based on client’s facility/site space availability, we are able to study/design and present matched configurations on project schedule, quality, cost and productivity to guarantee production pace is accordance with project requirement.

   To support project execution, we are always ready to work as fireman to give prompt supply on project materials from different consumables, tools, equipments/machines to special merchandise. With flexibility, we are also glad to perform as procurement agent in China to seek required supply resources.

   Our products covers roll machine, shearing machine, plate bending machine, lathe machine, boring machine, milling machine, grinding machine, pipe band saw cutting machine, Flame & plasma profiling cutting machine, beveling & cutting all-in-one machine, orbital cutting & beveling machine, factory fixed beveling machine, transferable beveling machine, multifunctional fitting-up station, pipeline fitting-up device, positioners, factory type automatic welding machine, pipeline orbital welding machine, welding rod production line, welding wire production line, inductive heating pipe welding machine, storage tank including ground storage tank/sphere tank automatic welding machine, hydraulic jacking system, automatic tank welding seam RT machine, Blasting machine, plate roller, pipe tubular welding machine, solar and wind power generation system, etc.

   To familiarize clients fast to use equipment /lines/system we supplied, we can arrange engineers to implement installation, training, and commission. Meanwhile, to better support client to finish their projects, we provide operators for construction, operation or we are able to undertake such work as subcontractor.

   We have two partner manufacturing bases which located in Shanghai and Nanjing. We can provide OEM service, all the equipment/lines supplied we can produce with client’s brand.

   To verify what we supply can well satisfy clients’ requirement, we sincerely would like to invite client to visit us before issuing order. We prefer to set factory acceptance test process before shipment to remove clients’ concerns.

   Your support is our forward motivation.

   Win + Cooperation= WINCOO